About The Pure Bicycle Company.

Pure was formed in 2010 by 2 friends that wanted to make the ultimate race frames for BMX Racing. We looked at many designs and features and came up with the designs that you see on tracks around the world today. We wanted a clean simple effective frame that looks as good as it rides.

Richard has a wealth of experience in the cycle industry starting racing at 4 years old competing in more than 30 British Championships. We have a full workshop set up and I am known as the go to guy when mechanical work is needed.

I have a team or riders using our frames and components all over the world and have had our bikes on the Start gate at Both London and Rio Olympic Games.

I strive to sell and make products that I believe in and that I would put on my own bike, I will not advise people to use parts that I believe are not up to standard or are not suited for there needs.

If you need any help with your bike don’t hesitate to contact me or if you want to build your dream bike then you have come to the right place.

Thanks Rich Townsend.